Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Everyone expects everything done by five o'clock. Tick, Tock.....Keep moving on with what is on your trunk!! Smart ideas for busy life at any age.

There is so many ways you can be the girl who go to a date at night with the look out of a fashion magazine instead of having the look of .....UPS! I have been screw at work all day! Or the one who have a date or a dinner after work looking all sweating and crazy or looking like.... there she is! But it depends on how your day have been. Been honest, there is days.... That even if you do your best at work NOTHING will save you from working extra. But just BREATHE. Those days wont be every day!! PINKY PROMISE!! And the goal is to go from an office disaster to a casual look and survive the day like a pro. I can say that even in combat i wear makeup with a nice pull back hair until the day i retire. Like hundreds of other female soldiers we do the best with what we got. Girls would be girls. So do you! If you dont believe me here is my pic. Both on the same day. Not my best one, but hey i walk it through thanks to the box in my trunk....  ;-) 

The Large bag

from micro bag... go big. SERIOUSLY Is what is fashionable plus it will help you carry what you need from your trunk to your bathroom. That doesn't mean over load it and look like your are carrying a dead body in your bag. But you will see what I mean in a minute. You have needs and that is what your bag is for. Do you have a gym at work? with showers and everything available? or just a multiple toilet bathroom? depending on what kind of facilities you have then you have to choose what you will bring from your trunk to your work area in you bag. Is that simple. 

The Makeup Bag
  • Make sure is washable in case of any accidents
  • Pick one large enough for your cosmetics
  • If you find one with multiple pockets or simple to organize brushes that would be a plus. 
  • Do not store medicines with make up.  

Unless you are one of the million of women who wake up late an put makeup on the way to work. In the car on a traffic light....How do i know this? Because i use to do this until i retire from my job in the Army! And that is a long time doing it! Please! I have something better for your ears. It is better to drive focused, arrived earlier, and have 5 minutes to run to the bathroom and put makeup before the work rush start up. I know we never think about having accidents on the way but i did look back and i did have many while i was on my make up duty. Of course i blame the other person! NOT A NICE THING TO DO AT ALL!

What to put in it?

  • Compact powder
  • Blush
  • One multi-color Eye shadow set with as many colors you want small enough to fit your makeup bag.
  • Lip gloss.
  • Mascara
  • One Dark Brown eye liner.
  • Concealer
  • Small bottle with perfume.
  • Small bottle of hair gloss
  • Small zip lock bag with bobby pins, hair clips, hair bands.
  • One natural color nail polish
**If you use a base like dermablend or any other extend use base you wont have to re apply your base and powder during the day. So you don't need to carry the bottles with you. you might carry eye shadow and lip gloss just to change your appearance but you wont have to retouch your makeup at all.

**Remember this is for a retouch. You should put make up at home. If you didn't then you need a large make up bag and bring the entire make up set. Make sure your makeup is not expired and everything fit on your makeup bag!!!

What is in your trunk?

The large plastic box:

Every car should have their equipment in case you have a flat tire or something happen on the road; you or someone else can help you fix any issues with the car. That is the smart thing to do. But when it comes to your personal life it is smart too to be ready for any situation. 

Do you have your own emergency kit? A simple plastic box from any store should be in your trunk as an emergency kit. What to put on it is simple and it depends on your expectations.  Play always the What if....game and that's what should be in the box. 

Your age determine a lot about the box too. a 24 year old girl who is single might be ask to go out after work. So her what if could be different than a 55 year old married woman with kids.  One could be ask to go out for dinner while the other could be ask to go out for a church meeting. Or a school play.  Here are some general Ideas of what you can have with you in general. Some others are Ideas for the box in your trunk. We also will like to hear your personal ideas. 

The emergency box
Just a smaller box that can fit inside the trunk box. Fill it with band aids  alcohol pads, gauze, headache medication (just one or two pills remember if medications stay in your trunk you must replace them often one or two doses is enough for an emergency until you get home or hospital, anti diarrhea medication, peptobismol, cold pack, hot pack) you name it and you will find it. The dollar tree store is one of the best places to find this stuff for cheap prices.

The weather bag
Is just a Large zip Lock bag (why i say ZIP LOCK because as i say before i use to be in the military and from all my deployments and travels i can say i never wore a dirty or wet uniform ever!! thanks to Zip Lock bags. I use to be In the Air Force as a 4NO and in the army as a 68W Jumping out of air plains or walking in the heat all my uniforms and boots were always inside of Zip Lock bags. They come in Sizes You wont believe. So don't play the game of my clothes will smell like trunk or my shoes will be stained. Because they won't. Buy a large Zip Lock bag put a sweater or light jacket and a pair of socks if is winter time if is summer time change it for some shorts and t-shirt. Remember this will stay in your trunk. So dont put your favorite set on it. Just a regular one that will make you look casual. In case you need it. Running shoes will be a plus if you are a sport fan.

Personal hygiene box
Another small box that can fix in the large plastic box. The toiletry items we are talking about are travel size toiletry. Soap, Razor, Body cream, Hair Brush, Deodorant, Tooth brush, Tooth paste, Travel size body spray, towel, tweezers  travel size flat iron or curler etc. 

Casual outfit bag
Is exactly that a zip lock bag with an outfit that you will wear anywhere. A casual outfit? Jeans.... They go everywhere! with the right compliments of course. if you add some high hills and a nice shirt, jacket and accessories. More casual? maybe a cotton shirt and boots. There are millions of options.  But don't put in the bag your best outfit. Remember it will stay in your trunk. A knit shirt or some fabric that wont wrinkle would be the best option. Some jeans with a casual jacket... the options are multiple. Set it with a pair of gorgeous sandals and put it with a zip lock bag so it doesn't get mess up or stained.

Food hmmm snacks.... 
Is true.... once is in your reach you will eat it. So be honest and stack you office, back pack, purse, and vehicle with healthy choices. Is not that I am not guilty of snack attack! but when you are in a hurry... and must of us are must of the time. You will eat what you have. Buy it. have with you. You will see the difference.But for this you will need a small cooler of course!!
I will mention some of them but i will sugest you to go to this site http://www.whfoods.com/foodstoc.php
That way if you get hungry you can grab something healthy when you are on the way

Apples     Almonds      Cashews     Cheese, low-fat      Eggs      Milk, 2%, cow's
Milk, goat     Yogurt     Flaxseeds     Olive oil, extra virgin     Peanuts
Pumpkin seeds     Sesame seeds     Sunflower seeds     Walnuts     Apricots     Bananas
Blueberries     Cantaloupe     Cranberries     Figs    Grapefruit     Grape     Kiwifruit
Lemon/Limes     Oranges     Papaya     Pears     Pineapple     Plums     Prunes
Raisins     Raspberries     Strawberries     Asparagus     Avocados     Beets     Bell peppers     Broccoli    Brussels sprouts     Cabbage     Carrots     Cauliflower     Celery     Collard greens     Cucumbers
Eggplant     Fennel     Garlic      Green beans     Green peas    Kale    Leeks     Mushrooms, crimini
Mushrooms, shiitake     Mustard greens     Olives    Onions     Potatoes     Romaine lettuce
Sea vegetables     Spinach     Squash, summer     Squash, winter     Sweet potatoes
Swiss chard     Tomatoes     Turnip greens     Yams      Watermelon
Lots of Water!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Easy tutorial for a dress form based on your body shape. Affordable and exact for the perfect sewing patterns.

In need of a dress form with my exact measurements. So i can make clothes with my same curves. Is an easy way to sew and work with your patterns. You can beautifully work with fabrics and pin them into the dress form. That way you can see how it will look on you before you even cut the fabric.

So i find this interesting website who teach you how to do a paper dress form. This is a technique utilized by dressmakers from centuries. 

It was invented with the intention to fit clothes to a specific individual. But with modernization companies build more modern  versions of it. 

Good things about it.... It can be adjusted to different measurements, it is portable, good quality and durable.

Bad things about it....  It is expensive about $200, but is for perfect body people. It doesn't come in plus sizes and don't work for all kind of body shapes. Are your hips too wide? are your boobs too big? too small? sag down or up? wide shoulders? have a mastectomy? Do you have rolls? etc. 

Why you need a perfect dress form that match your body shape?
Because that way you can sew clothes that will actually fit you and enhance your good looks. you can cover those areas that you need to cover and enhance the ones you really need to enhance. We are not made with the same features but everyone have good looking features.

How I did mine?

I went to this other website and it got me a better idea on how to do the dress form my self. She really have a great blog site with awesome tutorials. Love her website have great ideas.

I didn't find the correct tape. So my dress form was done with the tape who have the gloss on it. so i didn't have to wet my tape to shape it. But is a little bit harder to get the exact fit on the dress form when you do it with the other this way. Instead of using a trash bag I use clear plastic paper and my husband did my dress form the same way it was done in her website. At the end i was not happy with the results of the breast area. My husband tight it too hard and i just look like a flat chest chubby girl. There is many web videos showing you how to do dress forms and they don't pay attention to the measurements at all. If your dress form don't measure the exact size of your body then you won't be able to use it. You will end up wasting your time and your money.

Here is how i fix my dress form..

I cut through the arm the breast area and leave the rest of the body filled with the paper so I can attach the new breast to it.

This time i pay attention to make the front of the dress form as neat as i could. So I make sure every side was taped as the tutorial instructions.

I place tape in the entire chest area but i left the breast area as the last area to cover.

Then i cover up everything like the tutorial request. I did only the front of the torso and left the back uncovered. 

This is how it looks on the back. 

I did it with the help of my toddler who pick up my tape every time i throw it over my shoulder.

I took it off and place it over the old dress form.

And it fit like a glove!

Secure the back and the torso and after I double check the measurements with my self i secure it with duck-tape. I reinforce the entire dress form with duck tape after i confirm my measurements. Now i have a great dress form who is exactly my same size. With my same curves and i just spend two rolls of tape and two hours of my time. Now i can sew with confidence. :-)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to extend the life of your kids footy pajamas

Ian's footy pajamas...and how mami extend their relationship!

Tired of wasting your money on new pajamas that only last a couple of weeks because your kid grow so fast he cant barely use it more than a couple of times? Then this tutorial is for you. Like most of the mothers I love to buy clothes for my son when they are on sale. But I do hate when he grow so fast that he barely use them. here is a smart way to keep some of those pajamas a  little bit longer. 

Make a straight cut at the bottom part of the footy pajamas between the elastic cuff part and the zipper. 

Make sure to keep the entire zipper. 

 Cut a piece of stretchable fabric or cotton fabric (mine was 7"x 6") I sew it on zig-zag in one side. 
Fold it in half like  a cuff and attach it to the end of each leg. 
This was so easy I just start doing it to all his pajamas. It save a lot of money and he enjoy having them for a little bit longer.  You can also use old T-shirts to do the footy part. 

And to keep the foots warm i sew the border of the footy and make some home sleepers. They are very comfortable and warm. My son love them! 

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Thursday, November 1, 2012


To be honest i didn't knew how beautiful this will turn out until i did it. Imagine to have your own clouds in your room? And this ones glow in the dark! You can't stop looking at them. I'm thinking about painting something else on the wall too. Well here is how to do it. 

You will need two 4" foam balls and a wood stick. Stick the balls together with the wood stick and then apply mod podge to the foam balls cover them with poly-fill material so it look like a cloud. 

To make sure the material don't fall off with very thin nylon string attach the top layers of the poly fill material. Cover your hands with glow in the dark paint 

 then press them against the poly fill material to glow areas.
Do this multiple times until both sides are covered with multiple patches. The glow in the dark paint comes in different colors. (blue, green, yellow, orange etc) and it recharge every time you turn the lights on. 
At the end your cloud should look like this.


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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Every child is an Artist... Step by step how to do a motivational wall

 Every child is an artist (words of Pablo Picasso) they are all over the internet this is how i did my wall for my son. Is very important to promote and let them know that their expression through art is important. this will be an awesome way to do it. I use to put them in the fridge but after a while you just have one fridge and many kids. Now problem solve. Each one have their own wall to expose their art and renew their work when ever they have a better masterpiece.

I use different styles to write my quote. The one i pic is from Pablo Picasso. I love it. Because it is for my little one I try to do it fun and vibrant. 

The beginning I use a stencil. Wish i tape to a specific area that i previously color with brown. After i tape the stencil i proceed to color with acrylic paint  the inside of the stencil with a very small piece of sponge. 

The next part I cut squares and letters using stencils with some craft foam. I glue the letters to the squares with the hot gun and then to the wall. The hot glue will make your paint come off once you have to remove what ever you have to take out. So make sure to place the squares in the correct place. Mark in the wall where you want the squares to go before you start working with the hot glue.

With nails I write the last word. That way I can mark it with thread. ribbon, hemp or any other material. 

To finalize I add some stars rocket, airplane, truck from another car stencil i have then i put some diamonds to make it more magical. The area to hang his art is made out of a picture wall hanging  kit. it have two small hooks in the corner and the long metal wire I hang his pictures with wood clothe pins that i paint. 

 My son love it! Now he is Mami's super fan and I am his super fan too. There is nothing more beautiful than trusting in those little steps your little one do today. Who know? Maybe tomorrow he might be a real Picasso. :-)

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