Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to extend the life of your kids footy pajamas

Ian's footy pajamas...and how mami extend their relationship!

Tired of wasting your money on new pajamas that only last a couple of weeks because your kid grow so fast he cant barely use it more than a couple of times? Then this tutorial is for you. Like most of the mothers I love to buy clothes for my son when they are on sale. But I do hate when he grow so fast that he barely use them. here is a smart way to keep some of those pajamas a  little bit longer. 

Make a straight cut at the bottom part of the footy pajamas between the elastic cuff part and the zipper. 

Make sure to keep the entire zipper. 

 Cut a piece of stretchable fabric or cotton fabric (mine was 7"x 6") I sew it on zig-zag in one side. 
Fold it in half like  a cuff and attach it to the end of each leg. 
This was so easy I just start doing it to all his pajamas. It save a lot of money and he enjoy having them for a little bit longer.  You can also use old T-shirts to do the footy part. 

And to keep the foots warm i sew the border of the footy and make some home sleepers. They are very comfortable and warm. My son love them! 

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