Thursday, October 25, 2012

Every child is an Artist... Step by step how to do a motivational wall

 Every child is an artist (words of Pablo Picasso) they are all over the internet this is how i did my wall for my son. Is very important to promote and let them know that their expression through art is important. this will be an awesome way to do it. I use to put them in the fridge but after a while you just have one fridge and many kids. Now problem solve. Each one have their own wall to expose their art and renew their work when ever they have a better masterpiece.

I use different styles to write my quote. The one i pic is from Pablo Picasso. I love it. Because it is for my little one I try to do it fun and vibrant. 

The beginning I use a stencil. Wish i tape to a specific area that i previously color with brown. After i tape the stencil i proceed to color with acrylic paint  the inside of the stencil with a very small piece of sponge. 

The next part I cut squares and letters using stencils with some craft foam. I glue the letters to the squares with the hot gun and then to the wall. The hot glue will make your paint come off once you have to remove what ever you have to take out. So make sure to place the squares in the correct place. Mark in the wall where you want the squares to go before you start working with the hot glue.

With nails I write the last word. That way I can mark it with thread. ribbon, hemp or any other material. 

To finalize I add some stars rocket, airplane, truck from another car stencil i have then i put some diamonds to make it more magical. The area to hang his art is made out of a picture wall hanging  kit. it have two small hooks in the corner and the long metal wire I hang his pictures with wood clothe pins that i paint. 

 My son love it! Now he is Mami's super fan and I am his super fan too. There is nothing more beautiful than trusting in those little steps your little one do today. Who know? Maybe tomorrow he might be a real Picasso. :-)

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